Hello! My name is Allison and I have been designing learning content to meet the needs of diverse learners for over 10 years in Las Vegas, NV. My passion is helping others through instructional design and learning development and I am committed to building a positive experience for all learners!

From adult learners to Kindergarten students, I have worked with and designed learning experiences for all types of learners! I have developed and taught in person and eLearning content in the classroom as well as have created and delivered multiple professional development and onboarding trainings. Throughout my career I have held multiple leadership roles including Grade Level Department Leader, Internal and Data Coach for a school-wide behavior initiative (PBIS), and have served on the School Instructional Leadership Team.

I am experienced in instructional design principals and using multiple technology platforms to create and deliver trainings, including Learning Management Systems (LMS). I am skilled at assessing and analyzing the needs of learners and evaluating learning outcomes and effectiveness of trainings. I am a strategic planner and data driven and use these skills to achieve maximum learner impacts. I especially love to make sure that curriculum is relevant and an engaging experience for the learner!

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